Sunday, October 18, 2009

Scotty Fifer Saves the World

Scott Fifer appears in just one P90X video (Chest & Back), but I curse his name every other day during Ab Ripper X. Whenever Tony maniacally announces that "IT'S TIME FOR FIFER SCISSORS," P90Xers everywhere emit a collective groan.

I've learned, however, that Mr. Fancy Blue Shoes is good at more than just scissoring his legs up and down.

For starters, as evidenced by his Class of 1979 yearbook photo, he sported an awesome Mark (Dorothy?) Hamill wedge cut in high school (though recent photos show that his Luke Skywalker hair has apparently gone MIA):

During college, he was a Senate aide to the late Ted Kennedy.  After graduation, he studied acting in New York for a year, attended law school in Boston, and toiled as an associate in a prominent (but now defunct) law firm for a number of years.

Fifer then relocated to California to become a screenwriter, penning scripts for "Beverly Hills 90210" and other television shows.  He co-wrote a bunch of award shows (including the Emmy Awards), and produced a Lifetime TV movie-of-the-week called "Twice Upon a Time" (starring Molly Ringwald and her dad).

But most impressive of all?  Fifer created and leads a prominent and respected non-profit foundation dedicated to the care of orphans and vulnerable children in other countries. According to his organization's website:
GO Campaign raises awareness and funds for those programs that would otherwise fall through the cracks, those programs which provide basic human needs to children such as shelter, food, clean water, education, medical care, vocational training, and income-generating activities.
In partnership with small grassroots organizations in the developing world, GO Campaign is currently helping children in Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Cambodia, China, Guatamala and Peru by funneling resources to programs run by local community leaders.  (To find out how you can help, visit GO Campaign's website.)

I'm still sore (literally) at Scott Fifer for inflicting pain upon my midsection three times a week, but how can I send hate mail to a guy who's done so much for underprivileged kids across the globe?

And to top it all off, he just started another round of P90X last month with Bobby Stephenson and Tony Horton, thus reuniting all the guys in the Chest & Back video.  (Maren and her German potato soup don't appear to have been invited, though, so maybe I can still muster up a bit of indignance towards Scott Fifer.)