Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Gary Busey: Fantasy Lawyer

Last month, a federal district court judge ruled that the Center for Science in the Public Interest could continue its lawsuit against Coca-Cola for misleading consumers about Vitaminwater's (lack of) health benefits. The judge pointed out that Vitaminwater is basically just a sugary, non-carbonated soft drink fortified with a few vitamins for marketing purposes.
In a strongly worded 55-page opinion, Judge John Gleeson of the U.S. District Court in Brooklyn said the health claims on some Vitaminwater bottles may be in violation of FDA regulations since the drink "achieves its nutritional content solely through fortification that violates FDA policy." The judge thinks Coke could be violating the so-called jellybean rule, which says that a food- or drinkmaker cannot load otherwise unhealthy products with vitamins or other nutrients in order to claim it is healthy. A sugar product is a sugar product: you can't say a jellybean fights heart disease because it contains no cholesterol.
It's a little weird (but kind of awesome), then, to see that Vitaminwater's new pitchman is a bug-eyed Gary Busey -- not exactly the model of health -- who practices "fantasy law" by physically assaulting people.