Tuesday, May 25, 2010

This is Problematic

I'm about to head out for lunch with a bunch of co-workers to welcome a colleague returning from maternity leave, and somehow, it's been decided that we're eating at Gordon Biersch.

In my estimation, Gordon Biersch ain't known for much other than beer and garlic fries -- preferably together. Granted, I'm a food snob, and there are lots of (alcohol- and/or taste-impaired) people who love the place. But in San Francisco, home of a crapload of fantastic dining alternatives, Gordon Biersch is not high on my list of favorites. It's not even allowed to hold hands with my list of favorites.

But whatever. I'm going to be a team player and find something to chew on while I'm there. So I go online and pull up Gordon Biersch's lunch menu. It looks like pretty standard fare -- sandwiches, pizzas, burgers, pastas. Nothing jumps out at me, and I know (from experience) that nothing at Gordon Biersch is going to blow my mind with its utter deliciousness, so I figure I'll just try to find something that's at least marginally healthy. Hmmm. The Hummus Salad sounds decent, and you can have it with some chicken or salmon. That can't be too bad for you, right?

I don't count calories, and I enjoy (good) fats, but I do try to avoid garbage carbs (sugar, bread, pasta, etc.), so I thought I'd give the Hummus Salad a quick look-see to validate that it's not a nutritional disaster. Gordon Biersch doesn't list its nutrition data online, but a quick Google search pulled up a photo of this placard:

(Click for larger photo)

(Photo: AdonisPhotos/Flickr)

[UPDATED: Gordon Biersch has since updated its website with nutrition information.]

Turns out the Hummus Salad with either Chicken or Salmon contains 2000+ calories. And 85+ grams of fat. And 200+ grams of carbs. All in one serving.

I think I'll pass.