Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Round 2 / Day 24: Back & Biceps + Ab Ripper X

So after almost four months of P90X workouts, I finally tried the "Silence and Cues" feature on the DVDs. And I'm kicking myself for not checking this out sooner. It's the best thing ever.

With "Silence and Cues," there's no grating music. There's no commentary by Tony, other than a sentence or two at the start of each exercise to let you know that we're moving on. (It's astonishing how little time Tony spends on verbal instruction, and how much of his constant blabber is pointless and unnecessary.) Best of all, in Back & Biceps, you don't have to hear Katie's deranged giggling at all.

Another plus: You can listen to music on your iPod or soak in the silence during your workout. Or, if you're like me, you can turn on the other TV in the garage and catch up on old episodes of "Survivor" that are about to disappear from your TiVo -- all while doing Corn Cob Pull-Ups.

"Silence and Cues," I think I love you.