Tuesday, November 15, 2011


At 3 a.m. this past Sunday, 22-year-old Shanaya Edgell had a hankering for a McDonald's cheeseburger. So along with her boyfriend, Darrell Page, she went to a McDonald's in Janesville, Wisconsin. Unfortunately for her, the fast food joint had already switched over to its breakfast menu. And Edgell wasn't in the mood for a McGriddle, dammit.

According to the Janesville Police Department, Edgell got upset and left with Page. But as they drove away, she changed her mind and demanded that her boyfriend turn the car around. He wouldn't, so Edgell began striking him in the face, biting his arm as he tried to steer the car, and tearing off his shirt. When Page pulled over, Edgell jumped out and threw herself on the hood of the car to prevent him from driving away and leaving her with no ride to Mickey D's.

Just another example of fast food rage, I guess. You know -- like the woman at the McDonald's drive-thru window who started beating on the staff because McNuggets weren't available on the breakfast menu. Or the guy in Australia who rammed his car into two women because he was upset that he couldn't order off McDonald's breakfast menu at 3 a.m. (Too bad he didn't live near the Golden Arches in Janesville, Wisconsin. I have it on pretty good authority that they serve breakfast at that hour.)

(This video gets really good at about the 1:10 mark. I also love the fact that after the assault ends, the McDonald's employees go right back to serving customers like nothing happened.)

Note to McDonald's: In more ways than one, your breakfast menu is a menace to society.