Thursday, October 27, 2011

Link Dump: Food-That-Will-Kill-You Edition

Food linkage from around the Interwebs:

The Daily Beast presents a gallery of the "20 Unhealthiest Cereals." (As if any of 'em are healthy.)

The most shoplifted food in the world? Cheese.

Rainn Wilson loves Del Taco for a reason.

Speaking of fast food tacos, it's not a good idea to firebomb your local Taco Bell because your Chalupa was insufficiently meaty. (Besides, it's debatable how much of Taco Bell's "meat" is actually meat in the first place.)

Okay -- one more taco-related item: Why the hell would anyone propose marriage with a cake made to look like a packet of Taco Bell hot sauce?

Professor Mark Post is being paid €300,000 to create a hamburger without using any meat from an animal. Instead, he's trying to grow meat in a lab using muscle stem cells. "We want to turn meat production from a farming process to a factory process," he says. Barf.

Dr. William Davis, the author of "Wheat Belly," summarizes his case against triticum aestivum, or modern wheat, on Boing Boing. "Wheat-consuming people are fatter than those who don't eat wheat," he concludes.

But is Davis overstating the case against wheat? Check out what Dr. Emily Deans has to say about "Wheat Belly," and also Chris Masterjohn's detailed review of Davis's book.