Sunday, August 21, 2011

Stuff I Learned Today

M and I learned a ton from Clifton Harski at the one-day MovNat Fundamentals workshop in Palo Alto today. It was held at a park -- complete with kids' playground -- just a couple of miles from our house.

Among other things, I learned:
  • To be more mindful and aware of my body and environment;
  • To be more precise and efficient in my movements; 
  • How to climb poles and traverse  horizontal bars by swinging hand-over-hand;
  • How to pull myself up and over a bar (in this case, the top of a playground swing set); 
  • That with the right technique, it's pretty easy to throw a guy onto your shoulders and carry him around while keeping an arm free so you can shoot an imaginary machine gun at people; and
  • Most importantly, that accidentally stepping on a bee while walking barefoot in the grass can have painful consequences.
More on my MovNat experience shortly, but I really need to go conk out right now.