Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday's Workout

What was different about this morning's class at CrossFit Palo Alto?
  • Trish (M's coach) was our fearless leader today, and shook us out of our routine by having us perform unfamiliar movements (during our warm-up and cool-down). Like Tim, she's all kinds of awesome, but in a totally different way.
  • We set an attendance record! Fourteen bodies were in the gym this morning before the crack of dawn to get our WOD on. If just one more person had shown up, we'd have been at capacity for the first time ever. (Yes, Blake, I'm talking about you.)
Strength Skill:
  • L-Sits / Pass-Throughs / Skin-the-Cat
Gymnastics are fun. I wish I were better at 'em, though -- in particular, my L-Sits could use some work. I used to have a pair of parallettes at home, but my mother-in-law crushed one of them with the garage door. Time for a trip to the Home Depot, I guess.


7 rounds for time:
  • 7 dumbbell push-presses (45lbs / 30lbs)
  • 7 pull-ups
I flirted briefly with the idea of going RXed, but by the time I went to grab the sole pair of 45-pound dumbbells, the Terminator had scooped them up. Trish pointed out that I could do the WOD with a pair of 20kg kettlebells, but after trying 'em out, I ended up chickening out. By the time I put the kettlebells back, only the 30-pound dumbbells were left. (Lucky me!)

Result: 4:57.