Thursday, June 23, 2011

Stand in the Place Where You Work (Part Deux)

Earlier this month, I posted (again) about the importance of throwing out your office chair, and put up some snapshots of how a few of my buddies from CrossFit Palo Alto have configured their workstations in order to stay off their butts during the day.

In that post, I also invited readers to submit photos of their own. I half-expected to only get a picture or two of specially-manufactured standing desks, but was happy to see that many of the folks who sent in photos had jerry-rigged their own set-ups. We stand-up types are thrifty AND creative.

Want examples? I got plenty -- after the jump...

This is M Ward's desk, and here's what she has to say about it:
Here's my standing desk. It's just cobbled together, also. The only official version my work offers is $8,000. The only downside is how badly my feet hurt, even with a mat. I think I just need to find a better one.
I won't show you the picture of the super amazing wingback chair that is in the other corner where I collapse to get reading done, though.
Also: Major points for the green stuffed...thing on the desk!

(A tip: If your feet are killing you, try using a footrest or a foot bar -- they may offer more stability and comfort.)

Next up:

The photo above is from theMANtonio, and his desk kicks more ass than mine because: (1) he has a snazzy vertical display that looks perfect for standing work, (2) he has mastered cord management, and (3) he has a plant, and it appears to be alive. Bonus points: He has FITBOMB on one of his screens!

This one's from a co-worker of my buddy J-Ho:

You know why I love this one? No -- not just because the guy uses THREE* screens simultaneously. (Who -- outside of people in movies -- does that?) I love this desk because he's used a bunch of books and cardboard boxes to arrange his workstation into an ergonomically-sound standing workstation. It's a great lesson in making do with what's around you.

I just hope he doesn't need to crack open those books anytime soon.

*He also has a fourth screen: the closed laptop on the left.

Here's a photo of The Lazy Caveman's workspace:

Yes, he has a chair, but I'm confident that he only uses it as a place to put his Paleo snacks. It's very considerate of TLC to provide a tall stool for his visitors. (In my office, visitors have to sit in chairs that I've intentionally adjusted to the lowest possible setting. It's the only way I can tower over anybody other than my kids.)

Also: It did not escape my notice that the Lazy Caveman's water bottle matches his lava lamp. I'm guessing that blue is his favorite color.

Last but not least, check out Lady Churl's standing desk:

Like me, she's a fan of re-purposing IKEA stuff. Unlike me, she's good at it. Here's what she wrote:
After reading your posts on standing desks -- and realizing that, as a graduate student, I was spending nearly all my time with my ass firmly planted in my chair (and hating it! Lawd, the ass/back pain!) I gave the standing desk idea a whirl. I love it!
Natch, I had to do it on the cheap. We have lots of Ikea stuff too -- and a Wile E. Coyote, super-genius idea came to me. I blogged about it some time ago, but here's the gist (since I am not here to shamelessly self-promote my half-dead blog).
Step 1: Acquire footstool from Ikea which we have had since before we were married, even.
Step 2: Remove velcroed-in-place cushion.
Step 3: Place footstool on desk.
Step 4: Put monitor and keyboard on stool.
Step 5: Pat self on back. Do Balki Bartokomous' Dance of Joy for non-sore-backity and also frugal super geniusity (yes, that's a word now).
Step 6: Prepare self for husband's potential chiding and mockery with a well-deserved glass of wine.
It doesn't get much easier than that, people. So if you don't already have a standing desk, what are you waiting for? Grab a box, book, bucket or footstool and put it on your desk! Stick your keyboard and monitor on it! Give away your office chair, or move it to another room!

And don't forget to snap a photo and email it to me by the end of the month -- there's a giveaway underway, remember?