Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday's Workout: Half Is Better Than None

I woke up at 5:25 a.m. this morning -- twenty-five minutes after class had started. Although I managed to haul enough ass to get to the gym just ten minutes after my eyes first popped open, I'd already missed more than half of the fun. So why show up at all?
  • I HATE missing class,
  • I knew the metcon wouldn't start 'til 5:40, and
  • M had reported that Trish had given today's workout an enthusiastic thumbs-up.
Twenty penalty burpees later, I looked up at the whiteboard:

For time:
  • 800-meter run
  • 21 deadlifts (155lbs / 115lbs)
  • 1K row
  • 21 deadlifts (155lbs / 115lbs)
It all looked great...except the rowing. You know my feelings on this topic. But the fact that I still suck at rowing just means I need more practice, right?

Half the class started with the run, and the other half started with the row. I decided to row first -- might as well get it over with. I tried my best to maintain a steady stroke rate, and did okay. It took just under four minutes for me and the Terminator to finish the 1K, and we hopped off our respective ergs at the same time to hit the deadlifts.

I was gassed. I'd expected to get through the 21 deadlifts unbroken, but even with just 155 pounds on the bar, I had to stop a few times to shake out my legs and to catch my breath.

The run wasn't exactly pretty, either. The Terminator got a head start of a few seconds on me, and as I ran out of the gym, Tim called out: "He's still in sight!" But not for long. The cyborg actually gets faster as he runs. Me? Not so much. Still, I appreciated the opportunity to stretch out a bit over the course of the 800-meter run stumble.

And when I got back, I cranked through the last set of 21 deadlifts unbroken. Why couldn't I do it earlier?

Result: 10:55 as RXed.

P.S.: I've got to remember to squeeze in my make-up assignment tonight: Three sets of max rep strict pull-ups. Still can't believe I slept through 'em.