Monday, May 2, 2011

Popcorn & Sleep Deprivation Go Together Like Ponch & Jon

Don't you hate it when you fall asleep eating popcorn? I mean, there's still so much crap to ingest! The popcorn bowl's still full -- and those (obviously caffeine-free) Cokes are going to lose their fizz, dammit.

Thankfully, modern science has come up with the answer: BioFuel Caffeinated Popcorn.

Think sugary kettlecorn, only "loaded with caffeine." You know -- so you can stay up and eat more kettlecorn. And possibly some red velvet cake-battered onion rings, too.

The ingredients in BioFuel Caffeinated Popcorn? "Sugar, light brown sugar, caffeine, canola oil, and salt." And probably some corn, too.