Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Some time ago, when I wasn't paying attention, FITBOMB surpassed one million pageviews.

I noticed this yesterday while checking my site statistics. If I'd seen this coming, I'd have run a contest or something. You know: Millionth visitor gets a commemorative Shake Weight or decorative throw pillow. (I have a coupon from Starbucks for a free cake pop, but if you want to claim it, you'll have to come pick it up. Postage is kinda pricey these days.)

I know what you're thinking: Big whoop. Sure -- to many other bloggers, a million's a drop in the bucket. But to me, this is a big milestone. After all, this site began as a personal workout log, and for the first month of its existence, it had just one reader: Me. (I didn't even tell M that I was blogging.) I never thought anyone -- beyond some family and friends -- would ever read this.

But as this blog has continued to evolve over the course of the past year-and-a-half, I've been fortunate enough to pick up a group of loyal readers and commenters, a number of whom have become valued friends and mentors. (I've also attracted a few readers who have informed me via email that I'm a "retard" and "a little man," but hey -- at least they cared enough to write.)  I used to blog because it kept me accountable to my exercise routine, but now I do it 'cause I love this stuff. Besides, I know you'd miss me if I stopped blogging every day. (Right? Right? Hello?...Anybody...?)

In all seriousness: Thanks for reading.