Friday, April 1, 2011

Hot Meatball Treatment

It's April Fool's, which means websites everywhere are in the pranking business today. What's more, a bunch of 'em look like they were created by animal protein enthusiasts -- and what could possibly be more hilarious than meat?

Exhibit A: Whole Foods - "Insects Raised with Compassion"

Bonus points for the "Speed Up Your Checkout" article, which explains how "you can set up a direct deposit account to have your whole paycheck automatically converted to a Whole Foods Market gift card. It's the fastest and easiest way to pay." (But I still disapprove of your secret vegan agenda, Whole Foods.)

Exhibit B: Living Social - "Spa-Lami"

You know you want meat in your face, and an "Ultimate Protein Package" in your eyes.

Exhibit C: ThinkGeek - "Angry Birds Pork Rinds"

"A low carb, high protein, high fat snack that tastes like winning" indeed.