Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday's Workout

From the looks of our box at 5 a.m., you'd be surprised at how many folks are inside, ready to kill a workout.

Strength Skill:
The last time we worked on muscle-ups was in July of last year -- just a couple of weeks after I started CrossFit. But it opened my eyes to what good coaching and a little practice can achieve. After a few brief sessions of playing around with progressions, Tim was able to coach me into pulling off a strict, dead-hang muscle-up in class. I'm still amazed I was able to do it. So amazed, in fact, that I haven't attempted to do another one since, for fear that I'll discover that my one muscle-up was just a fluke.

Today, I started at the beginning again, and worked my way through the various progressions. The jumping muscle-ups felt good, so with a little more practice, I'm fairly certain that I'll be able to crank out more dead-hang muscle-ups before the month is over.

Ironically, the Terminator tore a biceps muscle just last week while practicing muscle-ups. (He was WARMING UP with muscle-ups before starting a WOD at a CrossFit box in Virginia when he got hurt.) So today, he was forced to take it easy...or so we thought. (That's what we like to call foreshadowing, folks.)


We tore through the second CrossFit Games Open WOD today.

AMRAP in 15 minutes:
  • 9 deadlifts (155/100)
  • 12 Games standard push-ups
  • 15 box jumps (24"/20")
Having done my mobility work for this WOD, I was more than pumped up about this workout. As soon as the clock started, I burst out of the gate at breakneck speed. The deadlifts came smooth and fast, and I made it through the first few rounds of box jumps without the slightest pause. Three minutes in, I'd completed over 2 rounds. If I could keep the pace going, I'd finish with over 10 rounds!

But of course, I couldn't keep up the pace. At all.

The deadlifts weren't heavy (just twenty pounds heavier than me!), but by the fourth and fifth rounds, they began to slow. My push-ups started looking like they were being done underwater; I had trouble getting my chest flush against the floor as required -- though I seemed to have no problem smashing my forehead on the ground with each rep. And for good measure, I took a fun little tumble off the plyo box in the eighth round. But as humbling as it was, I thoroughly enjoyed this workout.

Meanwhile on the other side of the gym, the Terminator was busy dominating. With an injured right arm, he had to scale the workout -- but he decided to scale it UP. The Terminator did 95-pound single-arm deadlifts and one-armed push-ups, and managed to complete five rounds. The guy's relentless, I tell you.

As for me, I completed 8 rounds + 1 deadlift (as RXed), for a total score of 289. Unlike my one-armed robot friend, I'm not exactly setting the world on fire, but DAMN: this stuff is FUN.