Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wednesday's Workout

Strength Skill:

  • Deadlifts
I tried to add just 10 pounds to last week's PR and lift 280 pounds (2X my bodyweight), but failed on both attempts. But on the plus side, I was happy to have a little left in the tank for today's pyramid metcon -- I definitely needed it.


For time:
Result: 15:13. I love bodyweight metcons, and blazed through the first half with unbroken sets. But right about the time I hit 12 double-unders, I had to stop for a quick breather. When I started up again, I found that I'd lost my groove; I struggled through the rest of the rope-jumping, and then had to piece together 4 strings of 10 air squats each. I caught my second wind with the final sets of Abmat sit-ups and kettlebell swings (both of which I love), but slowed again during my last few burpees. The farmer's walk at the end made my shoulders and wrists weep.

But I can't wait to do this one again.