Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Less = More

I just read an excellent article on Fitness Spotlight summarizing and explaining the critical role of recovery in optimizing fitness:
I had a client I was consulting with recently who wanted to gain some more lean muscle (Yes I know all muscle is “lean”…but many “claim” to put on muscle, when it’s really more fat and water retention). He worked out long and hard several times a week, did intervals after the workout and also other activity on the side trying to stay “fit”. But he wasn’t making any progress in putting on real muscle and leaning out at the same time. I told him that the problem was “him”. He was getting in the way of “allowing” his body to build muscle and burn fat by not following the basic rules.
Read the full article here. For a while, I was going crazy with P90X and Insanity workouts, but I'm now trying to keep myself from doing too much these days. Instead, I'm focusing on upping the intensity but shortening my workouts and giving myself more recovery days. So far, so good: My strength has increased, and I'm feeling less sapped.

And frankly, after today's workout, I'm looking forward to a lazy day tomorrow.