Saturday, May 1, 2010

Round 3 / Day 64: One-on-One with Tony Horton - 30-15 Upper Body Massacre

I'm supposed to be kicking off another Recovery Week today, but there are a few workouts that I skipped when I was out of town a couple of weeks ago, so for the sake of being totally anal about it, I decided to go back and knock 'em off.

After today's workout, I'm sort of regretting that decision.

30-15 was a kick in the balls. Even after I ramped down to 10 pull-ups per set instead of Tony's 15, attempting 12 sets of 30 push-ups and 12 sets of even 10 pull-ups was neither fun nor successful: I ended up quitting before finishing my last two sets of push-ups and pull-ups.