Sunday, November 22, 2009

P90X: Taking a Chunk Out of Demi's Hip

The blogosphere has been abuzz about the image of proud P90Xer Demi Moore on the cover of the December issue of W Magazine. In the photo, a chunk of flesh appears to be missing from her hip, leading to criticisms of the incompetent Photoshopping that mangled Demi's leg:

From looking at the "original" image posted by Demi herself (on Twitter), though, it's likely that her hip wasn't retouched at all. So what, then, is responsible for Demi's misshapen (or just insanely toned and narrow) pelvis?

Could it possibly be, say, a 90-day workout program designed by a spectacularly douchey gentleman in an ugly hat?

[UPDATE: Looks like that "original" image Demi posted on Twitter wasn't that original after all. More details can be found here.]