Saturday, October 24, 2009

P90X Day 77: Cardio X

Given yesterday's snoozefest of a workout, I felt obligated do something more than just X Stretch today. Still, I didn't want to go full-tilt before the start of my final non-recovery week, so I popped in the Cardio X DVD.

It certainly burned some calories and got my heart pumping, but the video also reminded me how annoying Tony Horton can be. I've gotten so used to his weirdness on the other DVDs that I no longer notice when he quotes Forrest Gump or when he half-jokingly suggests that his own face is "perfection." But having only watched Cardio X once before, I wasn't prepared for Tony's god-awful Arnold Schwarzenegger shtick. I was fascinated and horrified, but I suppose every big-and-buff trainer is expected to bust out in a Hans & Franz routine once in a while.