Saturday, September 19, 2009

P90X Day 42: X Stretch

Although X Stretch is the easiest of the P90X routines (it's just stretching, after all), I'm happy that it features three of my favorite Tony Horton Henchpeople: Pam The Blam, Muscular Attorney Phil and Freakishly Flexible Shawna. I enjoy working out "with" them (and also Zero-Percent-Body-Fat Adam and Ex-Marine Tony) because they're hardcore and not annoying like some of Tony's other workout pals. (Yes, I'm talking about you, Katie-Who-Won't-Shut-Up from Back & Biceps.) I especially get a kick out of Phil because he occasionally looks like he wants to punch Tony in the face.

After completing X Stretch today, I tried using my new foam roller to mobilize my IT band, hamstrings and lower back -- it's amazing how much tension I can isolate with the roller. I'm hesitant to add even more time to my morning workouts, but it's probably a good idea to incorporate a roller routine into my daily cool-downs.