Friday, September 11, 2009

P90X Day 34: Kenpo X

Why won't Wesley Idol get down in a real horse stance during Kenpo X? He just stands there with his legs bent ever-so-slightly, totally phoning it in. Both Tonys (Ex-Adult-Entertainer Tony and Ex-Marine Tony) squat waaaaay down when they're in horse stance, working their glutes, hamstrings and quads, while Mr. Idol looks like he's just casually bending over to squeeze out a nonchalant fart. My legs and butt were completely sore from yesterday's Legs & Back routine, and even I managed to get down into horse stance a lot lower than Wesley Idol. And don't tell me he's supposed to be modeling the "easy" version of the exercises -- that's sweaty Vanessa's job. Plus, Wesley Idol's credited with being the kenpo master who introduced Tony Horton to this workout in the first place, so he should be one who shows off the super-intense moves.

But he doesn't.

How can anyone expect to get an intense workout from Kenpo X when its creator looks like he's just sleepwalking through the moves? Clutching light (3 pound) dumbbells throughout the session, I actually got a decent workout this morning -- but only because I followed along with Ex-Marine Tony and did my best to ignore Wesley Idol.