Saturday, August 22, 2009

P90X Day 14: Rest Day / ChaLEAN Extreme

I wasn't satisfied with the leisurely X Stretch "workout" last week, and I didn't want to just sit on my ass today, so M and I did the ChaLEAN Extreme "Burn Intervals" workout. Chalene Johnson -- the eponymous creator of the program (which, like P90X, is created and sold by Beachbody) -- takes viewers through a bunch of moves that alternate between simple cardio routines and resistance exercises with low weights/high reps. Chalene herself appears to be a peppy, athletic, ex-cheerleader Orange County mom who gets her teeth professionally whitened.

"I like Chalene," M says. "I'd want to be friends with her." But not Tony Horton: "He seems like such an ass," opines my wife.

All in all, the workout wasn't too bad -- it was on the short side, and it's clearly designed more for women than men, but I broke a sweat (when do I not?) and enjoyed the change of pace. Besides, the P90X studio resembles a dungeon, and it's nice to break out once in a while.