Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Monday's Workout

D’oh! I forgot to post yesterday. Memory loss: It’s a side effect of adrenal fatigue and lack of sleep. To the best of my recollection, here’s what we did yesterday at the gym.

Strength Skill:
  • Cleans (5-3-3-1-1)
My shoulders and arms are still reeling from Friday’s 101 push-presses. The silver lining? This helped keep me from relying on my arms while doing cleans. I will say, though, that in my present state of soreness, getting my elbows up in the rack position didn’t feel especially awesome.

  • 21 dumbbell burpee snatches – right arm (45# / 30#)
  • 21 ring dips
  • 21 dumbbell burpee snatches – left arm (45# / 30#)
  • 21 ring dips
I went with 35 pounds instead of the RXed 45, fearing that the dumbbell burpee snatches would annihilate me. They didn’t look fun when Tim demonstrated the movement: We were to drop down while holding a dumbbell in one hand, perform a push-up while holding onto the dumbbell, jump up into a squat position, and then snatch the dumbbell from the floor to an overhead position with a locked out arm. (They look sort of like this, but with a push-up at the bottom.)


But when the workout began, I found that the burpee snatches weren’t so bad after all. I was able to find a decent (though not particularly quick) rhythm, and got through the first 21 without stopping.

The problem was the ring dips. I hit a wall very early on in the workout: After my first 8 or 10 ring dips, my arms were fried. I spent the rest of the workout struggling to string together more than a couple of ring dips at a time.

Again: Yuck.

Result: I can’t remember. It’s only been 36 hours since I did this workout, and can’t recall my time. Sad. I desperately need more sleep.