Sunday, March 18, 2012

Allow Me To Bore You With My Vacation Photos

Last year's trip to the Ancestral Health Symposium in L.A. was super-educational, but I enjoyed PaleoFX less for the content and more for the opportunity to connect with old and new friends. I was primarily in Austin to support M as she prepared for her panels and cooking demonstration, so my focus wasn't on figuring out whether Jack Kruse is a visionary or a loon, or whether safe starches are in fact safe. Yes, I learned a bunch of new stuff (more on that later), but for the most part, I treated this as my Paleo vacation. And although I had a bit of a nasty cold throughout my time in Austin, the warm weather, meaty eats, and insanely great company made it a trip to remember.

Rather than trying to describe the experience in words, here are a crapload of snapshots (by me and Bobby Gill) that summarize our latest Paleo nerd-a-thon:

Wandering around the University of Texas at Austin

The Salt Lick in Driftwood

A big pile o' meat!

A few of our housemates at Paleo Blogger Nerd Central: Diane Sanfilippo, George Bryant, Bobby Gill, Hayley Mason and Bill Staley, M (Not pictured: Liz Wolfe, Spence Wartman, Diana Rodgers, Stacy Toth, Laura Schoenfeld)

Nom Nom Sox

Post-WOD photo at CrossFit Austin

More after the jump...

Bobby shoots

Dave Humphreys, M, Mel, and Julie Mayfield, distracted by...

Marble genitalia.

The VIP Bus (a.k.a. The Cherry Bomb)

Some chose alternate transportation (George, Bill, Diana Rodgers, Stacy Toth, M, Bobby)

Late night Wal-Mart run.

Mel's cooking demo

Tonja and M

Robb Wolf cooks curry

In the speaker's lounge

Stacy, Marissa Pelligrino, Chris, and M before their panel



Liz Wolfe and Hayley Mason: Perfectly complementary.

[D] & {m}. I hope they use this shot for the cover of their new book.

You will not believe how much of this fudge cream was consumed. Speakers got free jars of the stuff, but we bought some anyway. You know...for the kids.

Book signing

M has nothing to sign, but she stole Jules' seat anyway.

Before M's cooking demo


Flanked by George and Stacy

The food blogger panel



When The Sisson speaks, you listen.

Andy Deas holds court.

Don't think I'm the only one who shoots food.

Charles Mayfield outlining a very important business strategy.

With Diana, whose farm we're going to crash in a few months.

Diane and M, taking a load off.

Is Whole Foods finally starting to get with the program?

Laura's new caveman shirt.

Bobby makes a friend.

Cavemen definitely ate ice cream.