Sunday, September 4, 2011

This Sucks

What luck.

It's taken over a week, but yesterday, my groin was feeling halfway decent again, so I joined M and the kids for an afternoon at the playground. We had lunch outside, swung around on the jungle gym, and found other ways to incorporate some MovNat into our play. While the kids ran around with a couple of their friends, I climbed poles and pulled myself up and over an 8-foot wall, and M worked on her jumping and balancing skills. We took turns scrambling up a big pine tree; I jumped off a high branch and landed unscathed, and helped M off the tree, too, by having her hop onto my shoulders. After a week of taking it easy, it felt good to feel healthy and capable again.

But a few hours later, as I was on my knees beside the tub giving one of my boys a bath, the other one executed a running jump into the bathroom and landed directly on my Achilles tendon. My left ankle rolled and twisted, and I hopped up in pain.

And now, I have a sprained ankle. It's not a major sprain, but I can't put weight on it without discomfort. I've been icing and elevating it intermittently today, and gobbling ibuprofen.

Whoever heard of getting injured giving a child a bath?

I hate this. A lot.