Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday's Workout: Balls to the Wall

An exchange on Twitter yesterday:
@CFPaloAlto: Pending birth announcement for 5/20. It’s a girl. Glad @fitbomb is feeling better. #Crossfit

@PROGENEX: @CFPaloAlto Fun! What will we name her? Fran, Angie, Diane? Maybe Helen? Our recommendation: #TwinGirls #WOD

@fitbomb: @PROGENEX @CFPaloAlto – I’m cool with it as long as you’re not naming the baby Jackie, Karen, Eva, Kelly or Mary. #legsstillfried

Yes, I would have been okay with doing two WODs -- provided I didn't have to murder my legs again.

But of course, we got Kelly today. Figures.

Details after the jump...

Kelly looks like this:

5 rounds for time:
  • 400-meter run
  • 30 plyo box jumps (24")
  • 30 wallball shots (20-pound ball, 10' target)
Last summer, we did a modified half-Kelly back at the old flower shop. At the time, I'd just started CrossFit, and even a significantly scaled version of this workout killed me. But even with almost a year's worth of experience, today's WOD didn't look fun -- especially given its lower-body focus. My legs still haven't forgiven me for Wednesday's workout.

"Look at Jay -- he's smiling!" Tim pointed out. But Jay's a happy, optimistic, up-with-people kind of guy. I'm a grumpy whiner. Big difference.

But as the workout began, I actually felt pretty good. I tried to pace myself, hanging back a bit during the first 400 meters, and keeping a consistent rhythm with the box jumps. The first round of wallballs wasn't too bad, either -- I didn't even notice that I was shooting the ball well above the ten-foot target unnecessarily until I was halfway through the set of 30.

As the second round began, however, my legs started wobbling. I didn't run -- I shuffled. And while I managed to get through the box jumps fairly quickly, the wallballs were nothing short of painful. I ended up having to break 'em up into sets of five.

The final three rounds were more of the same -- only slower.

Result: 31:11 as RXed. My goal was to keep up with the Recon Marine's blistering pace, but in the end, he more than beat me: He lapped me.

Even more impressive? XFitMama -- now almost eight months pregnant -- finished Kelly just a couple of minutes after me. Can you say hardcore?