Tuesday, March 1, 2011

MREs Aren't Very Paleo

Don't think your lifestyle can accommodate Paleo eating? Think again. If our troops can manage to stay Paleo while deployed in Afghanistan, you sure as hell can find something to eat at the Piggly Wiggly other than Pop-Tarts and three-bean dip.

From The Year of the Caveman Facebook page:
Just some quick tips for those of you that feel the pain of trying to maintain a Paleo lifestyle while undergoing military deployments, opertions, training, etc. The staple of food rations in the U.S. military are the ever popular MREs. Unfortunately, they are not very Paleo friendly. Here are some tips on what I and others in the military do to substitute MREs with Paleo friendly meals.

Make Paleo kits. Some jerky, various nuts, and dried fruit make great meals. Pack them in small Ziplock bags for easy access to portions, and keep a larger stock in larger bags for quick refills during longers ops/training. You can fit about half a dozen Paleo kits in the space it takes to fit one MRE. So pack space shouldnt be a problem.

If you are forward deployed (as I am now in Afghanistan), you can find local vendors that sell many fruits, nuts, and veggies. You will find alot of the local food diet is largely Paleo based, minus the flat bread and other grain based foods. I can also buy chickens already prepped for the grill for proteins when my beef jerky supply runs low. I have a local Aghan vendor who comes by my combat outpost weekly to see if I need anything re-stocked. Its been a lifesaver and I haven't touched an MRE since I got here. He also has a KICK ASS beard.
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