Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Domino's Makes Housecalls

Pizza. It can save your life. Right after it almost kills you.
A pizza delivery driver was called a hero Monday after she likely saved an elderly woman's life.

Before Monday's incident, most neighbors knew little about Memphis resident Jean Wilson, except that she's eaten pizza daily for the past three years.

"We make her pizza every day before she even calls, because we know she's going to call," delivery driver Susan Guy said.

Guy often delivers Wilson's regular order, one large pepperoni pizza, but recently workers at her restaurant noticed an unusual break in the pattern.

"She hadn't called in three days," Guy said.
The Cal Ripken of pizza intake had fallen and couldn't get up. (I'm sure her health problems had nothing whatsoever to do with EATING THE WORST TASTING BIG-BUSINESS PIZZA EVERY SINGLE DAY.) Wilson's streak had been broken.

On the plus side, she got rescued and didn't die.

(Source: Neatorama / Photo: Kung Fu Bonanza)