Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wednesday's Workout

Strength Skill:
  • Front Squats
Some experts -- like renowned strength coach Mike Boyle -- aren't fans of front squats, but I like 'em. Maybe it's because I'm still relatively new to O-lifting, but I've seen steady improvement over the past few months, and I'm gradually inching towards a 1.5X bodyweight front squat. (I do, however, need to be more mindful of my form; I've noticed that I tend to favor my right leg, especially when going heavy on squats.)

  • "Grace" -- for time: 30 ground-to-overheads

Basically, you throw a bunch of weights onto a barbell -- then, by hook or by crook, you hoist it from the floor to an overhead position, with your arms locked out at the top. Most people accomplish this using a clean-and-jerk technique. Others clean the barbell up to their shoulders, and then push-press the bar up.

This guy finished in less than 90 seconds (which, by the way, is pretty darn good -- he's right there with top CrossFit Games competitors):

Me? I used just 95 pounds (instead of the men's RX'ed weight of 135) and it took me 4:40 to finish. Clearly, I have quite a bit of room for improvement.