Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Food Fight

Thankfully, M and I both went paleo together. By eating the same stuff, we don't just save on our grocery bills -- we also avoid battling over food choices. Not all couples are so lucky:

Hembree and Battle started their relationship with similar eating habits and were both runners. They cooked together -- he grilled the meat, and she fixed the salad and side.

About two years ago, Battle's eating changed when he started training in a CrossFit gym and adopted a "paleolithic diet," eating only foods that ancient hunters and gatherers would eat, meaning no processed foods, no sugar and no refined carbs. Battle needs to consume lots of protein to get the benefits of his intense strength-training and conditioning program.

Battle's ability to eat an entire pork loin and 700 calories worth of almonds "was weird to me," Hembree says. Plus, it was a major damper on her sweet tooth. But she tried a few of his paleo recipes as her olive branch.

Tension built again over the summer, when Hembree spent a month away from home training to become a yoga instructor and came back a full-fledged, eco-conscious vegan.

(Source: Denver Post)