Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Random Week of Paleo Eats (Plus Dairy)

I see that a couple of you have asked me to provide a more exact inventory of what I'm eating on my paleo-plus-dairy diet. Are you curious because you want to see what paleo eating looks like before giving it a shot? Is it because you're dubious that a grain/legume-free eating approach could possibly be tasty (and, therefore, sustainable)? Or are you just a stalker?

Whatever the reason, you're in luck. In no particular order, here's a representative sample of what I've eaten (and snapped with my iPhone camera) since last Saturday:

Little gem salad with avocado, market vegetables, and citrus vinaigrette (from Marlowe):

Protein-style double-meat burger with whole-grilled onion, hold the spread (from In-N-Out):

More badly-focused food photos from my cellphone (plus descriptions!) after the jump.

Ground lamb & beef kofta kebabs with pomegranate glaze (homemade):

Romaine salad with wild salmon, Fuji apple, avocado & toasted almonds (homemade):

Wagyu zabuton steak with smoked king trumpet mushrooms, spinach, and mustard seed jus (from Prospect):

Greek yogurt & summer berries from the farmer's market (homemade -- or, rather, home-assembled):

Roasted bone marrow with salsa verde & herbs (from Marlowe):

Sautéed Swiss chard with garlic & olive oil (homemade):

Salumi cone (from Boccalone):

Burrata, peach, chili & smoke (from Marlowe):

Barbecued pork ribs, stir-fried beef & spinach, tomatoes & bocconcini (homemade):

Trail mix with sunflower seeds, pepitas, flake coconut, toasted almonds, walnuts, raisins, and dried pineapple (homemade -- the recipe is here):

Bison burger bowl (no bun) with mixed greens, avocado, tomato, grilled onions, hardboiled egg, roasted peppers & herbed goat cheese (from The Counter):

Michael Chiarello's forever-roasted pork (homemade - this photo was taken post-rub but pre-roasting):

Seared halibut with sautéed spinach, glazed baby vegetables & bagna cauda butter (from Marlowe):

Cherry tomato salsa with avocado, red onion, avocado & basil (homemade):

Dayboat scallops with rosa bianca eggplant, sweet 100 tomatoes, pine nuts and golden raisins (from Prospect):

Spiced prawns with "hot & boozy" cocktail sauce (from Marlowe):

Salmon with chanterelles, onion & chard (homemade):

That's all I got. I didn't take pictures of the leftovers I brought to work, or of the macadamia nuts I keep sneaking from the pantry.

Not everything I ate was perfectly paleo. When we dined out, we had little visibility or control over what the restaurants put in our meals. And the pork ribs that M made earlier this week had a teeny bit of sugar (gasp!) in the rub. But as you can see, generally speaking, we're able to (mostly) stick to our paleo+dairy approach while still enjoying a variety of different foods.

One final note: While we did eat out a few times this past week, the vast majority of our meals were prepared at home. We get most of our ingredients from our two CSAs (one for produce, one for meat) and from our local farmer's markets -- but we also shop at supermarkets, Costco and Trader Joe's. We're not profligate spenders, but we recognize that we're lucky enough to not have to worry about the price of our food. Not everyone enjoys this luxury; it's clear that low-income consumers are all but forced into an unhealthy diet by our nation's broken food system. But if you're fortunate enough to have the time and resources to focus on personal fitness and health, you certainly have the means to eat paleo (that is, if you want to!).