Monday, August 23, 2010

The Old Spice Guy's a Vegan P90Xer

I love Old Spice Guy (and former Oakland Raider wideoutIsaiah Mustafa. He's all kinds of awesome. (If you're as big a fan of the Old Spice commercials as I am, check out this "making of" video.)

Recently, on Leno (I'm with Coco, so I didn't actually catch this live) Mustafa revealed that he's staying in shape by training with Tony Horton. P90X represent!

BUT: Tony's got the Old Spice Guy on a vegan diet:
"I’m lucky to work out with Tony Horton of P90X fame. He’s got me on this diet right now that’s absolutely ridiculous. There are 5 things you can’t do: There’s no alcohol, no caffeine, no processed sugars, nothing with a face -- no animals or animal by-products. But here’s the tough one: No gluten."

The good news is that Mustafa's eating whole foods and avoiding sugar and certain grains. But why is he joining Mike Tyson in the camp o' veganism? Lierre Keith's got me convinced that eschewing all meat and animal products ain't the healthiest, most ethical or most environmentally sustainable way to go.

But then again, who am I to argue with a guy who smells like jet fighters and punching?