Sunday, August 1, 2010

Another Dump

Let's kick off the week with more random links to explore:
  • According to this Daily Beast photo gallery, you'd need to have sex for 3 hours and 40 minutes to work off a Chipotle Steak Burrito. On the plus side, everyone knows that steak burritos are an aphrodisiac.
  • Another write-up about CrossFit -- this one featuring this pithy and accurate description by an affiliate owner: "Anyone out there who wants a spa environment, this is not the gym for you. Intensity is not comfortable."
The most formidable obstacle lies in creating a prototype. If you already have a line of clothing and a set system of sizing, you cannot simply make bigger sizes. You need whole new systems of pattern-making. “The proportions of the body change as you gain weight, but for women within a certain range of size, there is a predictability to how much, born out by research dating to the 1560s,” explained Kathleen Fasanella, who has made patterns for women’s coats and jackets for three decades. “We know pretty well what a size 6 woman will look like if she edges up to a 10; her bustline might increase an inch,” Fasanella said. “But if a woman goes from a size 16 to a 20, you just can’t say with any certainty how her dimensions will change.”