Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday's Workout

I did Tony Horton's 20-minute One-on-One Killer Abs workout this morning, but M just got Chalene Johnson's newest BeachBody home fitness program, TurboFire, and wanted to test drive the HIIT 15 DVD this evening, so I joined her.

As with Chalene's other programs, TurboFire features colorfully-dressed and ridiculously peppy fitness zombies -- almost all female -- enthusiastically doing cardio on a brightly-lit studio set. HIIT 15 consists of three circuits -- each featuring three 30-to-40 second long sequences of jumps, squats, lunges, and the like.

HIIT 15's not as intense as (and definitely shorter than) a typical Insanity workout, and it's definitely geared towards a female audience, but I certainly broke a sweat. M's about to start the full 20-week TurboFire program, and it's possible I'll join her again on a CrossFit off-day just for kicks. Especially if, say, I happened to eat four mini-cupcakes earlier in the day.