Sunday, June 6, 2010

Round 3 / Day 100: Elise Gulan's Yoga Fitness Plus

I have no idea who Elise Gulan is, nor do I have any good explanation for why I decided to try one of her yoga workouts from ExerciseTV On Demand (other than the fact that I'm getting a little tired of my workout DVDs). Yoga Fitness Plus started off easy enough, but quickly grew to challenge me more than I wanted for recovery purposes. The Chatarunga-to-Downward Dog-to-Runner's Pose-to-Warrior Two-to-Triangle Pose-to-Warrior Three-to-Half Moon-to-Airplane Pose-to-Twisting Half Moon-to-Standing Splits-to-Glute Raises-to-Warrior Two-to-Runner's Pose-to-Chatarunga sequence pretty much wiped me out. Elise Gulan, on the other hand, stays as perky as ever while nailing all the poses and chirpily coaching throughout.

I'm going to do this workout again (and soon); the next time around, I'll know not to underestimate how difficult a free On Demand yoga session can be.

If you're interested in trying it out, Yoga Fitness Plus is available for free (streaming) online here. I guarantee you'll find it harder than P90X Yoga X.