Sunday, June 6, 2010

Minimalist Shoes -- Now for Kids, Too!

Until I fell in love with Vibram FiveFingers and Terra Plana Vivo Barefoot shoes (and reaffirmed my lifelong passion for Chuck Taylor All-Stars), my typical footwear consisted of super-supported, big-ass foot coffins with heavy-duty inserts. M, too, was shod in MBTs and other shoes that offered more cushioning than an air conditioned ass pillow. After discovering the awesomeness of barefoot running and minimalist shoes, we've never looked back.

But what about our kids? They're barefoot a lot, and we put 'em in Chuck Taylors and kung fu shoes, but they're a pain to lace and unlace every time our boys want to run around outside. I suppose that's why Crocs are so popular among preschoolers and lazy adults who evidently don't care that they look like enormous children. (See, e.g., Mario Batali.) There really haven't been a lot of minimalist footwear alternatives for kids -- until now: Terra Plana now makes Vivo Barefoot shoes for kids!

(Source: GeekDad)