Sunday, May 9, 2010

Yoga Overdose

Yoga's taught in prison. Yoga mats are being donated to Haitian earthquake victims. Some yoga instructors will (allegedly) molest you. Some yoga enthusiasts are super-old, and some are enormous douchbags (and I'm not talking about Tony Horton). Stuck at an airport and upset that you're not the center of attention? Stand on your head. Are you obsessed with Star Wars? Try the X-Wing Pose. Want to learn about the father of yoga in America? There's a book for that.

Yoga's everywhere these days. As Gawker put it, yoga is "out of control":
Laughter yoga. Nazi yoga. Donation yoga with Dave Matthews playing in the background. Thank you, yoga. That's enough.
Hippie yoga. Celebrity yoga. Charity yoga. Yoga books. Yoga while eating. Yoga on the road. Yoga in the park. Yoga as a nontraditional workout for athletes in traditional sports.
Yoga people have become the new "Let me tell you about my workout" guy. And nobody likes that guy.
(But...but... I'm that guy.)