Monday, May 24, 2010

The Twitter Diet

Drew Magary at Deadspin lost 60 pounds in 5 months. How'd he do it?

With something Drew calls "The Public Humiliation Diet." He bought a scale, weighed himself daily, and posted/tracked the results on Twitter:
But it doesn't matter where. It can be on Facebook or your blog or whatever. Shit, you can print it out and stick it on your office cube every day. What I found doing this is that it 1) gave me a public incentive to stick to a goal; 2) garnered support from people. Most Americans struggle with their weight, and most of them sympathize with someone else trying to get healthier. Support helps. Maybe some people will tease you, but that's its own incentive anyway. Part of losing weight is acknowledging the fact that you have issues with food. And holy shit, do I have issues with food.

I know where he's coming from. When I began P90X -- and launched this blog -- last August, one of my primary goals was to keep myself accountable to my new fitness routine, or risk looking like an ass in front of however many friends, family and strangers visited this site. As I put it:
I'm going to use this blog to keep myself accountable to the program. And I'm going to do my damnedest to post every single day. I've seen other P90X blogs that trail off after a while; they're like ghost ships sailing around the Internet, waiting for their captains to reappear. I'm determined not to abandon ship. I doubt anyone will ever read this, but I know I'll be more likely to keep P90Xing if the alternative is potential public humiliation.
Drew crafted some other diet rules for himself. I especially like (and agree with) these:
6.  I didn't eat sweets. This is kind of [a] lie. I did have the occasional cookie or ice cream sandwich. But I used to eat a bowl of ice cream and then have half a package of cocoa almonds for dessert. My dessert came in stages, usually followed by Cocoa Puffs. This is unwise. Cutting out sugar pretty much guarantees weight loss. I didn't drink anything with sugar. No regular soda (now addicted to Coke Zero). No juice. None of that shit.

7.  I avoided carbs, but didn't go nuts about it. I didn't do Atkins or any of that shit. I couldn't live without sugar, cereal, bread, and pasta. But those are foods I used to eat a fucking lot of. Whole bread baskets at the restaurant. Three bowls of pasta for dinner ("I'm carb loadin'! Gotta stay huge!"). Two jumbo bowls of cereal for breakfast. Triple helpings of rice with my Chinese food. I could eat 90 pounds of plain white rice in one sitting. Golden House apparently steams it in cocaine vapor. Anyway, I'd still have pasta for dinner every week or so. But one bowl at a meal. No more. I also got rid of sandwiches for lunch and had egg white omelets with feta cheese, but that's only because I work from home. Not so easy if you work in an office.

10.  I made sure everything I ate was fucking AWESOME. If I'm only getting three legit meals a day, they better be fucking good. So I made sure of that. Did you know two slices of bacon only have 70 calories? Combine that with a fried egg and you've got a breakfast of less than 200 calories, far less than a bowl of granola or some shit like that. So I went the bacon route. And I don't give a shit about my cholesterol. They can just Lipitor that shit. I'm in this for the sexy. I also learned to braise short ribs, make my own pulled pork, make Thai steak sauces, and all this other crazy shit because I wanted to lose weight and still enjoy what the fuck I was eating. None of this grilled-chicken-breast-every-night crap that NFL players do. Fuck that. I still love food and I LIKE it that way. People who don't love food are fucked in the head.
The "Fucking Awesome Food" rule is one of my dietary rules as well: If it's not worth it, don't eat it.

I just wish I'd thought of punching up my rules with more liberal use of the word "fuck."

(Source: Deadspin)