Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Gary Null's Ultimate Power Meal Almost Kills Gary Null

Gary Null is an author, an outspoken promoter of alternative medicine, and a self-styled expert on health and nutrition. He also says he needs only two hours of sleep per night, and is an AIDS denier, claiming that HIV doesn't exist -- and that even if it does, it's harmless.

And that's not all: Null sells a line of supplements called "Gary Null's Ultimate Power Meal," a powder which -- after it's mixed with water -- is supposed to be ingested twice daily.

The problem? According to Null, after downing two "Ultimate Power Meals" a day for a month, it almost killed him. His body became overloaded with Vitamin D, causing kidney damage, extreme fatigue, and intense pain. He's now filed a $10 million suit against Triarco Industries, the company that manufactured the supplement, claiming that Triarco put a thousand times the amount of Vitamin D in each serving of "Ultimate Power Meals" than Null intended.

To treat his Vitamin D overdose, I wonder if Null went to a medical doctor or an alternative/homeopathic therapist.

(Source: The Consumerist)