Friday, May 21, 2010

Biggest Loser: Behind the Scenes

It's not all about peeing blood!

Following up on yesterday's post about "The Biggest Loser," I think you should also check out Lyle McDonald's Q&A with a former contestant on the show. I found this nugget to be particularly fascinating:

While a TV episode [purports to cover] 7 days in length that is not the case behind the scenes. So some ‘weeks’ the [weight loss] numbers are larger because some weeks we had 14 days between weigh ins. My season if you lasted until the final day you would be on the ranch 101 days (I got voted off on episode 7 and lost 83 pounds in 62 days). This season is like 121 days start to finish. And all that gets condensed into a 12-14 week show-airing schedule.
(Source: Body Recomposition)