Friday, March 26, 2010

Round 3 / Day 28: One-on-One with Tony Horton - Recovery 4 Results

No X Stretch for me today -- I opted for the (shorter) Recovery 4 Results, which I skipped last week when I was stymied by the lack of a DVD player in my hotel room.

Oddly, though, I'm not sure I needed a recovery day today. The workouts I did this week didn't strike me as being as challenging as usual -- possibly because for the first time in months, I didn't have any Insanity sessions this week. It's also possible that I've just gotten accustomed to a more rigorous exercise regimen, and I shouldn't expect my system to be shocked like it was when I was new to P90X.

Which begs the question: Do I need a full week of recovery? I'm scheduled for super-low-key sessions for the coming week, but something tells me I'm going to deviate from the plan and squeeze in a couple of "real" workouts.