Saturday, March 20, 2010

Round 3 / Day 22: P90X+ Total Body Plus + Abs / Core Plus

It was great to wake up in my own bed, and I was excited to try out a new workout this morning: P90X+ Total Body Plus.

After the jump: 21 new exercises...

Total Body Plus is chock-full of compound moves that effectively target all areas of your body. So to get ready for the workout, Tony starts with a more-intense-than-usual warm-up, consisting of various push-ups, squats and lunges. And then he gets down to business:

O-Crunch Push-Ups: These are the same as the Oblique Push-Ups in Insanity.

Pull-Up Crunches: Self-explanatory -- pull up and crunch simultaneously.

Deadlift Curl Presses: Also self-explanatory -- deadlift, curl, and press up. This is a super-efficient move, hitting your quads, glutes, hamstrings, back, core, biceps and shoulders.

Step Kickback Chairs: Another compound movement that targets your triceps and legs.

Sumo Chairs: Sort of a combination of Power Jacks, Squats, and Chair Pose.

Chuck-Up X: Three different push-up variations -- all involving leg raises.

Cling-On Run: Do a chin-up or pull-up, and while you're up there, run in place. As expected, Tony inserts a Star Trek joke here.

Lunge Presses with Bella Twists: Just like Lunge & Reaches from P90X Core Synergistics, but when you extend the weight above your head, move your legs together and reach up and to the back.

Balance Curls: Do bicep curls while balancing on one foot. These are much harder than they look -- I toppled over several times.

Running Man: Similar to Step Kickback Chairs from earlier, but without pausing during the leg transitions.

Hindu Pike Push-Ups: Alternate between Pike Presses and Dive Bomber Push-Ups.

Lunge / Squat / Lunges: Holding a pair of dumbbells, do a Reverse Lunge, then a Dumbbell Squat, and then a Side Lunge.

Mister Moon: Alternate between Half-Moon and Reverse Half-Moon Poses.

Kid Play: Do a Push-Up, and then quickly jump back to do a Triceps Dip. Repeat.

Three and Threes: Do three Squats, three Push-Ups, and three Pull-Ups. Keep repeating for two minutes.

Half-Dervish: This is a standing core twist using dumbbells.

Weighted Warriors: Switching legs, keep doing Warrior Two while holding dumbbells.

One and Ones: Do a Push-Up, then a Pull-Up. Repeat for two minutes.

Lara Lunge Crunches: Sort of like Lunge & Reaches, but when the weight is lowered, kick your back leg up and to the front with a bent knee.

Spiderman Jumps: Do a Spiderman Push-Up and then leap straight up like you're doing Suicide Jumps.

Plyo Push-Ups: These are different (and easier) than the ones in P90X Chest, Shoulders & Triceps; you do 'em on your knees, and you never get airborne. Instead, you just push up and lean back.

And that's it. Verdict: A good, full-body workout that doesn't take long to complete. I give it a thumbs-up, but if you're new to this workout, I'd watch it all the way through once or twice before attempting the moves; Tony introduces a bunch of new bells and whistles (and doesn't take lots of breaks) in Total Body Plus, so you'll get more out of this video if you already know what's coming around the bend.