Sunday, February 28, 2010

You Say Tomato, I Say Potato

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver (you know, the Food Network's "Naked Chef") is giving a nutrition makeover to the town of Huntington, West Virginia.
In "Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution," which premieres March 26 on ABC, he tries to clean up the eating act of Huntington, W.Va. That town was chosen -- of course! -- because according to a 2008 Centers of Disease Control and Prevention report, it's the unhealthiest city in America. Read about Huntington in this AP story. Nearly half the population over the age of 20 is obese, the article says, and there are more pizza places listed in the phone book than there are gyms and health clubs in the entire state. Can Jamie make a difference??
Oliver did just win the TED prize for his efforts to battle obesity. Here's his terrific (and terrifically sobering) TED talk:

I hope his efforts leave a lasting impact in West Virginia (and across the U.S.). From the clips of his show seen in the video above, it's clear our kids could use some edumacatin' about food.