Sunday, February 21, 2010


A study published by the American Council on Exercise confirms that kettlebell routines torch calories:
The study involved 10 men and women between the ages of 29-46 who performed a typical kettlebell workout by doing kettlebell swinging and lift exercises to a certain rhythm during a 20-minute period. All were experienced with the use of kettlebells. The participants' fitness levels were measured before and during the workout by measuring heart rate, oxygen consumption, and blood lactate. The results showed that the average participant burned about 20 calories per minute during the kettlebell workout, which equates to 400 calories during a typical 20-minute kettlebell workout.
Researchers say that's equivalent to running a six-minute mile or cross-country skiing uphill at a fast pace.
I've been intermittently swinging my kettlebell to get the hang of it, but I guess it's time to start practicing in earnest.