Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Link Dump

I think it's time for a dump:

Do small changes in diet make a difference? Can eating one less cookie a day produce meaningful, lasting effects? The answer appears to be a resounding "no." To keep weight off, significant lifestyle changes are in order.

I didn't see this one coming: People can be allergic to meat.

Feel like chicken tonight (and tomorrow and the day after)? Then learn how to make 17 healthy meals out of 1 chicken and 26 bucks.

Kids: Eat an apple instead of drinking one. I remember when I went to day camp and the only snacks we got were two little graham cracker rectangles and a tiny Dixie cup of Kool-Aid. Nowadays, almost one-third of an average child’s total daily calories comes from snacks, including cookies, cake, salty/carb-y chips and pretzels, and sweet fruit drinks.

Rope burn: I'd always wondered what "The Biggest Loser" contestants were doing whipping a thick braid of manila rope up and down. Now I know.

Pavlovians, rejoice! People do really wacked-out shit in order to lose weight. Some are undergoing procedures to have a patch grafted to their tongues to make eating solid food a physically painful experience. Isn't it easier to just wire your jaw shut?

A parting tip: Stand up and throw away your office chair.