Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Round 2 / Day 44: P90X Yoga X

One of my favorite things about the Yoga X DVD is that Tony's at his most subdued. Yes, he does a crappy Forrest Gump impression and he totally messes with Audra's ch'i, but for the most part, his comments are limited to offering instructions and helpful tips. His eyes don't bug out of his head. He doesn't make a cross with his forearms and say "X me" or anything similarly stupid. He dials his volume way down. Even when he inexplicably starts yelling during the Yoga Belly 7 sequence, he acknowledges that he's "screaming too much for yoga." This video actually leads me to suspect that Tony Horton might be a normal human being.

On the other hand, if Tony was this mellow on the other P90X DVDs, I'd: (1) be lulled to sleep, and (2) have nothing to write about on this blog. Plus, I think I get more out of my workouts when I'm annoyed and hurling obscenities at the TV.