Monday, December 28, 2009

Round 2 / Day 36: P90X Chest, Shoulders & Triceps + Ab Ripper X

Instead of speeding through my workout today, I kept pace with Tony, making sure I was squeezing out every rep with proper form. (Plus, I was trying to incorporate my TRX Suspension Trainer into as many exercises as possible.) After a couple of weeks of racing against the clock every time I popped in a P90X DVD, I expected the slower cadence of this morning's session to feel interminable -- but it didn't. The moves felt good, like I was really able to put every ounce of energy into each rep. Additionally, I didn't hit "Silence & Cues" today, opting instead to listen to Tony's jibber-jabber. Although I still tuned out most of the inane crap that he spews, his instructions about form kept me mindful of what I was supposed to be doing on each set.

(And frankly, I think my body was just relieved that I wasn't forcing myself into another workout performed at breakneck speed.)