Monday, December 21, 2009

Round 2 / Day 29: P90X Chest & Back + Ab Ripper X

I'd almost forgotten how much I enjoy this workout. After spending so much time on cardio and leg exercises, it feels great to devote an entire hour-plus workout to upper-body resistance moves and core work. And having not performed this particular workout in three weeks (or any pull-ups for an entire week), Chest & Back was a nice shock to the system.

I'm continuing to try to get through all the P90X videos without taking breaks between moves, so I struggled a bit with my pull-ups; in fact, I reached exhaustion well before I reached my usual rep counts. Still, it was fun to challenge myself anaerobically. My takeaway from today's workout: You can continue to find ways to push yourself with P90X -- even after you think you've got it all figured out.