Friday, November 13, 2009

Vacation: A Little Bit of Everything (Except Kenpo X)

For a quick-and-dirty, mix-and-match, do-it-yourself workout, the P90X Fitness Guide is a good place to get started. I used it to put together a one-hour, full-body exercise routine today, which consisted of several exercises from each P90X DVD (except Kenpo X, of which I think you all know my opinion):
  • Runner's Pose
  • Chair Salutations with Prayer Twist
  • Balance Lunges
  • Wide Grip Pull-Ups (there's no pull-up bar in the fitness center here, so I actually did these on a lat pull-down machine)
  • Decline Push-Ups
  • Squat Reach Jumps
  • Alternating Shoulder Presses
  • Side Hip Raises
  • Reverse Grip Pull-Ups (again, done on a lat pull-down machine)
  • Diamond Push-Ups
  • Run Stance Squats
  • Corkscrew Curls
  • Step Back Lunges
  • Heavy Pants
  • Plyo Push-Ups
  • Jump Knee Tucks
  • Squat X-Presses
  • Lawnmowers
  • Side-to-Side Push-Ups
  • Run Squat 180 Jump Switches
  • Chair Dips
  • Calf Raises
  • Elbows-Out Lawnmowers
  • Steam Engines
  • Towel Hoppers
  • Oblique V-Ups
  • Mason Twists
I'll probably just go on a nice, long run tomorrow. It's our last day on Maui, and I don't want to spend it indoors. We're going to be leaving just in time, too -- it appears that the Flyin' Hawaiian, Shane Victorino of the 2009 World Series-losing Phillies, is getting married tomorrow, and his wedding party is staying at our resort. M tells me that Jon Gosselin's attending the wedding, so this place is bound to be crawling with douchebags soon.