Tuesday, November 3, 2009

P90X Day 87: Kenpo X

I've been wanting to abandon Kenpo X for some time now. It doesn't offer a great cardio workout, nor is it as intense as the other P90X videos. I was hoping my Insanity DVDs would arrive before today so that I could swap out Kenpo X for a total ass-kicking by Shaun T, but for reasons known only to Beachbody, my order (placed one week ago today) and extra payment for 2-day ground shipping from UPS isn't scheduled to arrive until the end of this week. Fuckers.

Anyway, M and I both did Kenpo X this morning. I'd been using 3-pound dumbells while performing the punches and jabs, but upped the weight to 5 pounds today and managed to break a sweat. I could feel the burn in my shoulders again. M, however, finished the workout and judged it to be far inferior to the cardio routines in ChaLEAN Extreme. "I would've gotten a better cardio workout if I just spent the hour doing jumping jacks and running in place," she declared.

I think she's right.